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Who We Are?

At Car Media, we are your all-inclusive destination for unparalleled branding services in the automotive industry. From expert car photo editing to comprehensive visual solutions, we provide everything you need to elevate your brand. With precision, passion, and a commitment to excellence, we transform ordinary car photos into captivating works of art that resonate with your audience and elevate your brand to new heights.

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Our Journey

Our Story

Car Media 2.0 embarked on its journey in 2014, driven by a fervent love for automobiles and a visionary goal to transform car imagery. Founded by Golam Mostafa Kamal, Car Media 2.0 set out to redefine automotive dealership branding with cutting-edge innovation and an unyielding dedication to perfection.

At Car Media 2.0, Automotive Dealership Branding is our flagship service, encompassing every aspect of our expertise. From captivating car photo editing to dynamic digital marketing strategies, we provide a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to elevate your dealership’s brand presence and drive success in the competitive automotive landscape.

Our Mission

Car Media’s mission is to revolutionize the automotive branding landscape by providing unparalleled visual solutions that empower businesses to stand out and succeed in the digital realm. With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction, we strive to transform ordinary car photos into extraordinary works of art, crafting visual excellence one image at a time.

Through our dedication, passion, and unwavering pursuit of perfection, we aim to exceed expectations, inspire creativity, and elevate the standard of automotive imagery worldwide.

-Meet Our CEO

Golam Mostafa Kamal

Get to know our CEO, Golam Mostafa Kamal, the driving force behind Car Media’s success. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence, Golam Mostafa Kamal leads our team in revolutionizing automotive branding. Discover the visionary leader shaping the future of our industry.

Golam Mostofa Kamal Founder & CEO of Car Media 2p0
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Our Team is Happy to Assist You Any Time

At Car Media 2.0, our team is always ready and eager to assist you. We take pride in providing excellent customer service and support whenever you need us. Whether you have questions, need guidance, or want to discuss your car image editing requirements, our dedicated team members are here for you. We value your satisfaction and strive to make every interaction with us a positive and helpful experience. Your needs are our priority, and we’re committed to ensuring that you receive the best assistance possible, making your journey with us smooth and rewarding.

Life at Car Media

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